Business Continuity Awareness Week Day 5 – wrap up

Well, another Business Continuity Awareness Week comes to an end.  This year’s theme has been Cyber Resilience and, given the world-wide problems with WannaCry, it has certainly been a topical theme!

Today’s story looks more towards business continuity in a more traditional setting, and considers the implications that need to be considered for large-scale changes to an organisation.  It has been announced today that London City airport is to alter the way that it does air traffic control, and will be the first UK airport to use remote digital systems.

This presents huge challenges for continuity and resilience, not least due to the potential impact if something does go wrong.  Reports suggest that there will be 14 high-definition cameras and two cameras which are able to pan, tilt and zoom, each providing a live feed via three separate fibre cables to an operations room in Hampshire.

It would be interesting to know what has been put in place from a business continuity perspective; there are many examples where back-ups to back-ups have failed, such as generators.  From a financial perspective, limitations are required when planning resilience, but all technologies have limitations and may ultimately rely on people; it remains to be seen whether NATS will be able to maintain the skills with a move to digital reliance.  Equally, will adequate plans and procedures have been put in place to ensure a smooth transition to the new arrangements?

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